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Step 2 – Review and purchase a package


Step 3 – Wait up to 4 weeks


Step 4 – Tell your customers

Time To Eat Online

The Art of Online Sales



Our Business Model

50% Increase
In Average Monthly Online Orders After 1 Year.

Perform better with your own branded app vs. a “group hub” solution. 

What to Expect:

More Orders: After joining RocSite, your restaurant’s takeout order volume may increase by an average of  30-50%.

No Upfront Cost: Restaurants who join Time to Eat Online can start for $0 down.

ROI Increase: Most of our partners end up with a 50% increased ROI for the year.

Easy for Customers: See an increased volume in customer orders on RocSite’s online ordering platform. Simple, powerful and streamlined so customers from ages 5-105 can order without the hassle. Simple to use but very complex back-end to deliver the best online ordering experience to your customers.

Tanya Kelly
RocSite Founder

A great restaurant is one that just makes you feel like you’re not sure whether you went out or you came home and confuses you. If it can do both of those things at the same time, you’re hooked.

~Danny Meyer, CEO Union Square Hospitality Group

Our Secret Sauce

Everything from Scratch

We’ve developed applications for years now and one thing we’ve learned over and over is why re-invent the wheel? If something works why not use it? If it benefits the users deliver it and if a solution can help everyone why not give it away?

We strive to maintain low overhead costs by keeping all development work under one roof and outsourcing to local vendors here in Rochester, New York and all over the U.S.A., providing jobs to other small business owners and freelancers.

We look forward to working with you!

What Our Customers Say

A Great Find

“I was using Yelp, Grubhub, OrderSnapp and two different credit card processors. I was losing a ton of money in fees. RocSite changed everything and now I’m seeing profits vs. fees.”

– Brad

Amazing Service

“I simply asked for some shirts to be printed, now I have my own branded mobile app on the app store with a website I can update very easily myself. Nice platform!”

– Adam

Always the perfect solutions!

“The platform used to deliver this solution is a tried and trusted solution which is easy to update. I can’t believe the increase in sales I’ve had, Thanks again Tanya!”

– Mike

The Best Bread

“My customers have gone from waiting in line, looking at a menu to simply coming in with their phones showing me the order without a hassle, then off they go. 10~20 Minute wait has changed to a 1~5 Minute wait. Oh and the Thank Yous are non-stop!”

– Chris

Contact Info

Our headquarters are in Rochester New York

Address: P.O. Box 16117 – Rochester, NY 14616

Phone: +1 585 454 9130

Email: hello@rocsite.com